Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ok so i have the best family ever

last night at dinner i mentioned something funny that my parents do (sing the beginning of "quiche lorraine" every time we eat quiche) and someone i regularly eat with said "sometimes i wish my parents were less boring but things like that make me glad they aren't."
so i replied, "well you know if they were, bob*, you might be a little cooler." (bob is a little...how do we put this...square.) because i mean seriously, my family rocks. and here is one reason why (in addition to quiche lorraine. not that you really need any more reasons after that!): i got this awesome package from mi madre y padre for valentine's day today!

these BEE-YOO-TI-FUL chocolates were in it. those swirly designs? they're printed ON THE CHOCOLATE. amazing.

in addition to the beautiful swirly chocolates and the traditional holiday panties (bras for christmas, panties for valentine's day and easter), there was a wonderful stack of 4x4 canvases. they're not in the picture because white squares are boring to look at. they won't be white for long! and also there was a paper starbucks bag. it's awesome. i know that sounds weird, but it's not really. okay maybe it still is, but i will use it to make wonderful little things such as this:
(i made this with the starbucks pastry bag i kept from my (first all year!) coffee date with alisha. hahaha. i was sad that i used it because it was so beautiful! and now i have another one.)

so anyway, the moral of the story is that my family is the best ever. the end.

*name changed to protect the rude.

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shelly b said...

The starbucks bag...that simply rocks.