Monday, January 08, 2007

a (not so brief) summary of the last few weeks

christmas was wonderful. as always. church was great and i got some awesome gifts from people who love me. (ps thank you notes are coming! i left my stuff at school accidentally so you'll get them once i'm back at school!) the day after christmas, all five of us packed up in the van and headed west to odessa. while we were there, we danced:

abby and our cousin bekah

we partied on new year's eve with our party in a box:

and on new year's day, we went dune disc'n. what's that, you ask? only the greatest activity ever known to mankind. and so cheap too! don't worry, i have full pictoral documentation for your enlightenment.

we drove to monahan sand hills national park, in monahans, texas. it is located in 40,000 acres of sand dunes. that's right, it's a park that consists of giant piles of sand. sounds so boring. but oh how they mislead you! first, get a disc. one dollar per hour. [click on any of these pictures for a larger version.]

then, wax it up.

take a few trial runs on relatively low hills.

traipse all over the dunes looking for the tallest, steepest hill you can find. keep the windmill in sight to prevent getting lost.

build a ramp. test the ramp, note that it was unsuccessful. take notice of a pre-existing ramp 10 feet to your right. proceed to repeatedly batter yourself and have the best fun of your life.

yes, i landed hard on my tailbone. it hurt. but it was SO AWESOME.

(be sure to take video.)

return to van, sandy, bruised and exhausted. be sure to dance on the way back.

and there you have it. a complete instructional guide for the monahans sand hills national park. mucho thanks to abby for a majority of the dune disc'n pictures.

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Breanne Crawford said...

omg! those pics are AWESOME! Beach sledding - how flippin fun!