Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Non-Snow Day, or Texas Weather is Weird.

having lived in the south for as long as i can remember, something i'm really not accustomed to is snow. well, more accurately, i'm not accustomed to functioning normally in snow. we get an inch or two every year, both in georgia and texas, but everything shuts down. no school, no leaving the house, no bread or milk in the grocery store, etc. that's just how we roll down here. so imagine my surprise the other day when i stepped outside to go to class and it was SNOWING.

i was walking to class and it was snowing. there is an excellent chance i have never attended school while it was snowing in my life. but here i was, walking across campus in the snow. in a hoodie, no less. i hadn't even been expecting cold weather, so i left my winter coat in my room. it snowed for approximately an hour and a half. i think that was two wednesdays ago.

this picture is from our amazing snow day in early january. the rest are all here.

on thursday, i left work at about 3, stepped outside the library and it was SNOWING AGAIN. two days in a row. and it was snowing hard too! once again, i was only wearing my hoodie. i had taken my coat with me to class, but didn't need it as it hadn't been very cold, so i left it at work to get later that evening. i left my chemistry class and it was STILL snowing - two hours later. it snowed for three hours on thursday. do you people realize how insane that is? two days in a row it had snowed and two days in a row i had been in school. oh and i forgot to mention that the first week of school we had a day off from school because of snow.

so that was great, it was fun, it was exciting. that was the 1st of february. the next tuesday (the 6th), i wore flip flops and a tshirt. on wednesday, i wore a short skirt and flipflops. the high was 70. thursday, the 8th, it was 49. yesterday, the low was 49 degrees. today? 27.


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Breanne Crawford said...

omg. the mini snowman cracks me up. awesome.d