Wednesday, December 06, 2006

christmas decorations :)

maggie and i had some excellent little kid fun the other day putting together foam christmas decorations for our room. i bought these kits for five bucks each at michael's almost a month ago and we were just waiting for the right day to do this. last weekend, we had just the day.

it was quite an ordeal. the packaging on these was deceptive: it made these seem like they were going to pieces of cake to put together. maybe if you were betty crocker! we ended up feeling pretty stupid but having a lot of fun. and we got some rockin' decorations for our dresser to boot!

school is finally starting to wind down now. all i have left to do is study, study, study. i finally finished that research paper (AND got an a on it, thank you very much) and did my jury on monday. two big stresses out of the way. now it's just a few little tests (ha) and i'll be home! i can't wait to chill out with my family and my dog and relax. a lot.

happy december, everyone!

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