Thursday, January 06, 2005

so tired....

that's all i can really think right now. all week i've just been exhausted. but it's ok because i love my new schedule! in case you're interested:

  • ap music theory with joel! and jennifer and harrison and marcus and cora and conover and asako...basically a lot of cool people
  • ap lit with brian and melanie and carine (shoe time!) and jake and erik...again a bunch of cool people
  • ap government with the best teacher ever (ms. phillips) and chris ellington and brian haley and asako
  • health with jennifer - we rock
  • band!
  • film with sarah jackson! and brett and corey and chris ellington and cora

so yeah...basically it all just rocks.

i got my pics back from la today. they're not as good as the nyc ones, but there's still a few really good ones. i wish i had the photo blogger thingymabob so i could post a few, but alas!

i might be getting an ipod! i'm gonna ask my dad if he'll let me take half the money out of savings account if i save up the other half out of allowance and stuff. there's a pretty good chance he'll say yes, and if he doesn't it's okay because i'll just get one when i go to college and spend my $135 elsewhere right now! :-)

dad got home last night (first time i'd seen him since we got back) and he'd brought all three of us pretty flowers! it was so happy. yay for cool daddies!

all state auditions saturday...can't decide if i should be worried or not. so i guess i'll go with not. it's better for my health.

fsu audition in 2 and a half weeks...i don't think i'm worried about that one. however i am worried about the unt audition that come soon after. oy ve.


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