Monday, January 10, 2005


the results are in: i made all state again! this marks the achievement of a goal set long ago in the seventh grade: to make all state for a whopping 6 years in a row. pardon me if i gloat just a little bit, i don't get to gloat very often. it looks bad you know... anyway, yes! i made it! third chair baby! (not bad considering i had bronchitis the day of the audition.) so the eggers family is goin' to savannah yet again. and abby made it too! yay for rocking eggers girls! :-) i'm glad she made it; she needed it really badly. after screwing up her school placement audition and getting into sym II when she deserves sym I, she really needed it. so...i made it, tessalee, jennifer, james, joel, paulette, fortney, christine, melanie, all in all, 24 people from lassiter made it. by the way, that's the largest number in the state to come from one school, and it's been from lassiter for about...15 years. yayband. so march 5, come to savannah! watch me play festive overture! woohoo!

and we got music for festival today in band. whoo baby it's hard! i practiced it this afternoon. dang! it's gonna take some serious work. i'm excited. ohhhhh i love concert band!


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