Tuesday, January 04, 2005

drama, drama, drama

name that movie!

it's from how to lose a guy in ten days, only one of the best chick flicks ever made. even some guys like it. amazing.

anyway, yes the california trip, though incredible, abounded in drama. first however, let me talk about the trip itself. i woke up dark and early at 5:15 am on wednesday in order to be at the airport at 6:30 for my flight. the flight was fantastic - i love planes! except for the landing, which was quite turbulent. i didn't like that very much. but it was okay because joel was holding my hand. anyway, after the flight our whole group (which was really only about half of the band) got onto three buses, but our bus took 45 minutes to get there, which was incredibly uncool. so we got on the bus and the driver gave us a tour of la. i use the word "tour" loosely because it really was just the driver mentioning a fact about whatever we happened to pass. oh, and him commenting whenever watkins was wrong about something. that was pretty funny.

thursday we went to bandfest. not fun at all. first of all, it had been raining all day wednesday and most of thursday, so the field was soaked. we had a very unfun practice thursday morning, although we at least didn't have to do laps, we just rehearsed the turn. however, we'd been informed that since the field was flooded, all bands would be performing at a standstill, so we didn't practice the field show. when we arrived at bandfest, the field was extremely unflooded and every single band performed their field show. would lassiter, the 2-time national champion band in the finale spot of the show perform at a standstill, the only band of the day to do so? man, i hoped so. i would rather risk that humiliation than the shame of falling apart completely in front of a couple thousand people. but no. we were doing the show. we continued on to warm-up, where we were shockingly informed that no - actually, we're not doing the show! so we marched out onto the field, set up our concert arcs, and began to play. by beat 2, it was dangerously close to completely falling apart. and the drums just kept going faster. finally, somehow we made it through the show, though it was never very steady.

luckily, after bandfest, no directors yelled, they just took us to dinner. medieval times - now that is a fun show. you go and are assigned a color, which corresponds to a knight dressed in the matching garb. you are given a lovely burger king type crown in your color, which you are expected to don proudly. and i did. then everyone files into a small arena and takes a seat in sections by color. your place is set with a plate, a bowl with a handle, and a mug - no utensils. this is medieval, remember! as the servers begin to dish out the grub, the show begins. audience participation is highly recommended and amounts to screaming and yelling as loudly and racously as possible whenever your knight appears in the arena. the green crowd was referred to as "the green barbarians" by the master of ceremonies, solely thanks to me and 3 of my friends. awesome. the knights joust, duel, fist fight, cheat, show off, and everything else you can possibly imagine that makes a good show. it was sooo much fun. even though our knight didn't win. he actually came in second. i was so proud. and so hoarse. turns out the red group was made up mostly of another high school band, and coincidentally, the green knight's fiercest enemy was the red knight. too bad we kicked his butt! and the green knight threw me a flower, which i kept all week until it broke on the way home. i was ecstatic.

disneyland and universal studios were a blast, although very wet. i rode lots of rides and bought a cool hat, a princess wallet, some cotton candy, and some excellent sunglasses.

the parade was so much better than i ever thought it would be. yeah it was hard as balls and so painful, but it was actually really fun and not as bad as i thought it would be. a float in front of us broke down, so we even got to stop and relax a couple of times, and talk to the people who were watching. the mountains were beautiful, and a shock when i turned the corner onto sierra madre blvd and boom! there they were. all in all, a great experience, although not one i would necessarily do again.

but anyway, on to the drama! it was the strangest fight i've ever been in because no one actually did anything. all of the sudden christine was mad at us for excluding her and we (the curly girlies) were mad at her for being mad at us when we hadn't actually done anything - she and david exclude themselves. so anyway there was much yelling and venting. however, now christine's being really nice to me and i think tessa too. so i think that everything that happened was a result of her being hurt and angry but just going about expressing it in the wrong way. as of now, she's not included in our prom group, and i really think that if i knew i'd screwed up and now all my friends hated me, i would be really really hurt right now, as i'm sure she is. so i'm going to call her either tonight or tomorrow and talk to her. i really think if she apologizes to brett and grace and everyone just talks about it, everything will be okay. so hopefully it'll all be good.

there was also me and joel drama. first of all, at the beginning of the trip, i was really moody. i don't know why, i just was. so i'm sure i was annoying him a little bit, and then as the week went on he became more and more distant and even a little bit mean. so i was getting really freaked out and we had lots of "tiffs." in fact, the night of the dance, he was playing cards and when i called him and asked him where he was he said he'd be "down after this game." that kind of made me lose it, because he'd never put anything like a stupid card game ahead of being with me before so i just got really hurt and mad, so i went and danced with some oswego hs guy. big mistake. when joel finally came down, he found out (i told him) and he got really hurt and mad and i felt terrible. so we got over that after a while and had a great time dancing and stuff. but all week the same stuff kept going on. and i was so freaked out that he'd stopped liking me and was going to break up with me. then this morning in music theory (he's in my class this semester!) i asked if i could give him a kiss and he said no. and then later when i said he'd hurt my feelings by doing that, he rolled his eyes and scoffed before saying sorry. so i wrote him a note telling him why i was so scared and that i was afraid i was going to lose him. and when he read it he gave me a big hug and said he was really sorry, i was right and he hadn't been himself lately. that was such an incredible relief. you have no idea. so i'm pretty sure we're good now, but all last week was so scary.

ok. this has only been the longest entry in the world, so i'm shutting it down now. later!


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