Friday, May 11, 2007

ride bikes!

walked out of the library today from work and saw this. right in the middle of the sidewalk, five defiant feet away from the just-installed-today bike racks. i laughed out loud and pulled out my camera.

kept walking. thirty seconds later, a very loud guy starts singing operatically, "ride bikes! ride bikes!" i look back, and he's riding one of these giant bikes. a different one. obviously, they're friends.

how do i know? because if i rode a bike like that, i'd make friends with everyone else in denton who rode one too.

anyway, so singing bike guy pedals on past the library into schrader pavilion, still singing. he pulls up to some random girl and says, "wanna ride bikes?" she says, no, she doesn't have a bike.

he says: "well that's the point, isn't it!"

thank you tall bike boys for making me laugh today.

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~*~Felicia~*~ said...

hahahahahahahahahaha yeah that is pretty hilarious LOL love it!!!