Friday, May 18, 2007


so, the lovely stephanie howell has interviewed me. she made up these 5 questions to ask me. i will answer them and then if you want me to interview you, you leave a comment telling me so (with your email address) and then i email you questions to answer on your blog. got it? good.

1. when were you most proud of yourself?
i can't really think of any specific moment, but any time i do something i didn't think i could is a proud moment for me. it happens a lot. maybe i should stop underestimating myself.

2. what breaks your heart?
seeing others be intentionally rude or hateful to someone. realizing someone is not who i thought they were.

3. what trait do you most admire in other people? most despise?
admire: straightforward laidbackitude. (it's two so i made it into one.) despise: two-faced-ness
i am on a roll with the word invention today!

4. what's the biggest scrapping goal you have?
to have fun making pretty things that tell my story.

5. what makes you laugh the hardest?
my sister abby lee and my boyfriend. they are both funny funny people. and also my dog is pretty funny, although unlike them, he doesn't do it on purpose.


Abby Lee said...

me! interview me!

Silvitanova said...

Yes, this is fun! Interview me!