Monday, April 17, 2006

goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you...

on saturday, i had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful ft. worth zoo! now that, my friends is a fantastic zoo. i took many pictures, and would have taken hundreds more if the low battery light on my camera hadn't turned on as soon as i got to the zoo. to start with, here are some of my favorite animals: flamingos!

this is for abby: billy's big brothers.

this is one of the many dinosaurs around the park. they're having the "dino-raurs" exhibit right now, and these robotic monsters are all over. i like this picture mainly because it looks as though the crowd is going to be eaten for lunch.

cara, this was for you. i'm sure you can see why. that's chris's reflection, petting the bird.

this was a reallllly cool bird exhibit where for a dollar, you could buy a little stick with birdseed glued on it. then all the parakeets and parrots would land on your stick and eat right out of your hand. sort of. :) very very cool. but mom! it's....BIRDIE ON A STICK!

now, if these got you intrigued, click here to see the rest of my pictures on flickr!

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