Tuesday, April 25, 2006

crushed hopes

for the last couple days, i've been hearing the ice cream truck come through campus. i LOVE the ice cream truck. so every time i heard its cheery unmistakable song, i rushed to the window in hopes of seeing it, chasing it, and devouring some icy goodness, but so far i hadn't been lucky. today as i was leaving the library at approximately five o'clock, i heard it again! thrilled, i glanced around hopefully for it, but alas, no ice cream truck. then i realized that i was not in fact hearing the ice cream truck, but for some as yet unknown to me reason, the unt bell tower was playing a tune that SOUNDED EXACTLY LIKE THE ICE CREAM TRUCK.

two questions: why was the bell tower playing the ice cream truck song instead of its typical five o'clock song: ding dong ding dong, ding ding dong dong, dong dong dong dong dong? and why in the world did it continue playing the ice cream truck song for five minutes?

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