Wednesday, June 20, 2007

sharing time

My_ipod_3at the beginning of this year, i was inspired by emily falconbridge's deck of me challenge to start doing weekly artwork on a deck of playing cards. later in the year, this talented chica inspired me even further with her daily card art. so i abandoned emily's weekly prompts and started making cards whenever i felt like saying something pretty. normally, i don't post them online in my galleries, but the last two i've made i've really liked and felt like showing them to The Internet. so Internet, here are my cards.

for the top one: i printed off an image from one of the new ipod ads (that iEverything_is_heightened_2 love for the gorgeous colors and watercolor effect) and typed up some words on my computer. print, cut, glue, done. easy. for the bottom card: the words are cut from an anthropologie catalog. i sanded the card, added an american crafts rubon (a gift from stephanie) and glued on the strips. again, easy.

thanks for looking, Internet. :)


Siany said...

Thanks for sharing!! Love your cardsm theyre great!! Beautiful colours!! xx

PROLIX said...

salut from la France, SISta!!!

ça va???

love your cards!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-français blog

Magpie (Jan Connair) said...

Love the cards--great saying about the iPod.

Jen said...

Cool cards!!!

jess said...

Love your cards!!! Awesome!!
Xx Jess

jill s said...

love your cards!!! that ipod one ROCKS!!!!