Tuesday, May 01, 2007


is a pretty good day. For starters, this arrived in my little p.o. box:

There are several reasons why this is good:

  1. Wired appears to have finally gotten their junk together regarding my subscription. I bought it in January, which apparently means I start getting issues in March. My March issue was waaay late, and I called and asked about it. All they could tell me was to sit tight (of course, I don't really know what else I expected.) So I did, and luckily, it showed up at the end of March. April's issue never showed at all. I called, and they added a month onto the end of my subscription. My hopes for May were not high. But look! Here it is, on time AND
  2. with Hiro on the cover! If you're not familiar with the tv show Heroes, I recommend you familiarize yourself as soon as possible. Created by the same dude who did Lost, Tim Kring, it's got the same sort of crazy, interconnected plot lines that Lost does, but without all the bazillions of bizarro questions that never get answered. With Lost, I got tired of never finding any answers. Heroes always answers just enough to make me dying for next Monday to rapidly approach. Mondays at 9 on NBC. Or you can catch back episodes online at nbc.com. (I sound like I've been paid. I haven't, I swear!) It is so worth your time. But you probably do have to watch some back story to know what is going on. Especially last night's episode. Let's just say it's a good thing that (as far as we know) parallel universes are only a sci-fi plotline because if they were real I'd just sit in my room in a perpetual state of confusion. Anyway...
  3. Not only is my favorite Japanese time traveler on the cover, but so is Ahnold. Over Easter weekend I was introduced to the amazingness that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kindergarten Cop, Predator, and Total Recall. All I have to say is, "Get to the choppa!" Well, that's not really all I have to say. I am now a huge Arnold fan. I don't know if that's weird or not. I don't really care. Not only am I now a huge fan of his movies, but seriously I think he rocks as California governor. I wish he could run for president. I'm in favor of changing the rules to say only US citizens and Austrian bodybuilders who once played a killer robot in not one, not two, but three pieces of cinematic treasure can run for president. In fact, I think I'll write my Congressman about that today.
Speaking of California, did you see the collapsed freeway? And how no one died? And only one person - the driver - was slightly injured? That's just insane. Crazzzy.

Other good things that have happened recently:
  • I got a raise! I now make an extra 25 cents an hour, baby. Which works out too about...20 extra bucks a month. Oh yeah.
  • My battleship program that I slaved and cried over ended up not doing too shabbily in the tournament! I placed 13th out of 43, which as far as I'm concerned, is something to celebrate!
  • Chris is borrowing Lauren's GameCube now that she has a Wii and doesn't need a GameCube. That is stellar news because I love GameCube. On the flipside of all of this:
All I want to do now is sit and read my magazine and play Super Mario. But this is Dead Week. I think for the first time I actually understand the true meaning of this. When I was taking euphonium lessons, Dead Week was good news because it was Jury Week. After juries, nothing really big happens. A couple easy finals, maybe. Now, Dead Week is when I cram and read and study and do all sorts of academic things and try to last without actually becoming dead through next week when I prove that I learned something over the last four months. In some cases, easier said than done.

So unfortunately, the GameCube waits for me at Chris's apartment until I take what will be well-deserved brain break on Saturday. The magazine stares at me from my desk, waiting for me to find a few minutes here and there to squeeze in an article or two. And I go to memorize a speech in German, relearn chapters 1 and 2 of my chemistry textbook, and read about von Neumann computer architecture.

peace out homes.

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I like that picture. I like all the angles in it.