Tuesday, May 08, 2007

an assortment of thoughts

  • no more chemistry, ever.
  • i should be more wary of saying that...i said it once before, 4 years ago.
  • i got an mass email at work today that said "house for sale. price negotiable." this struck me as oddly humorous. "hey, i'm getting rid of some stuff. bookcase, bed, used books, oh yeah, a house! anyone interested?"
  • as far as work goes: music is good. npr podcasts are great. ipods = amazing.
  • i need to stop letting the internet make me feel inadequate...let it inspire me and not overwhelm me.
  • google reader. don't know how i lived without it.
  • ditto for google calendar.
  • holy cow. as of tomorrow, i will be halfway done with college. insane.
  • today i worked on a usda pamphlet about chickens. i had no idea there were so many different types of chickens.
  • i should participate in the dares more often. i always look and think, wow what an awesome idea. then i never follow through. must work on that.
  • why do i always insist on drinking that last mouthful of coffee? i know it's going to taste bad. cold and bitter. but i drink it every time.
nothing particularly insightful, i know, but it's all i got right now. happy tuesday. :)

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