Sunday, April 15, 2007

perfect day

We had today the first clear, warm weather we've had in over a week. (It snowed on Easter!) I loved it. Chris and I went to church early this morning and then I came back and did some homework. I opened the window and let the gorgeous fresh air relax me completely. I watched the Braves kick some Marlins tail and went to Starbucks with my favorite Alisha. Then I got crazy with my scrapbook stuff. :) I did four pages - probably a record. Woo! I just sat there cutting and glueing away, listening to the kids outside my window blowing bubbles.

I was supposed to play badminton at 5, which I was really excited about, but my people canceled on me. So lame. So I just kept scrapping, and then went to a friend's recital at 8. My first vocal recital! It was really cool; I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Here's hoping the whole week is as good as today!

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Breanne Crawford said...

love that layout! so cute!!