Monday, April 09, 2007


If you haven't been watching the Discovery Planet series "Planet Earth," you should be. It is an amazing look at our planet. I didn't watch it last night, but two Sundays ago the show was on deserts and ice, and it was surprising to see how much life is actually there in those supposedly barren places, and how all those animals manage to survive deadly conditions every day.

But seriously, the thing that struck me most was the relationship between the bats and the saguaro cactus. Every year, bats from somewhere south of the United States - possibly Mexico, central America, I don't remember - migrate north during the summer. During their migration, they have to cross a large desert. This desert is so large that the bats can't cross it without food to fuel their journey. 49 weeks out of the year, there is precious little food in this desert. But amazingly, miraculously, during the same 2 to 3 weeks the bats are migrating, the saguaro cactus blooms. Only at night.

So, to summarize:

  1. bats need to cross desert
  2. bats fly at night
  3. there's no food in desert
  4. desert's too big to cross with no food
  5. saguaro cactus provides food for exactly the right length of time at night in the summer while the bats are flying

Even in my silly little awkward list, that is so beautiful and perfect and simple. How can you not believe in God when you read that?

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