Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i've been remiss

i apologize to my loyal readers for not updating after having been at school for three weeks. i've been having wonderful adventures and not sharing them because i've been too busy having them! so far my biggest adventure was my birthday. i am now nineteen. not so surprisingly, it doesn't feel all that different from eighteen. but it sounds a whole lot cooler. :) on my birthday, which excellently enough was on a friday, my friend lauren hosted a par-tay for me at her house. (before the party, my favorite chris took me to an excellent mexican restaurant called cantina laredo. DELISH!) good times were had by all.

there was a dinosaur cake:

a beautiful princess tiara and sparkly necklaces:

and lots of wonderful wonderful friends:

and THEN

the big surprise

(which actually got ruined only twelve hours before it was revealed - pretty impressive since they'd been keeping it for weeks)

a weekend trip to austin

and sunday at schlitterbahn, the number one waterpark in the US.

boy was that awesome.

but of course, it being a waterpark and all, i didn't bring my camera in. so sadly, no pictures of that.

the moral of the story is that i love life, despite it being a little stressful sometimes. or even a lot stressful. i just recently finished my big project for the UNT euphonium studio. i'm the new webmistress, as dr. bowman likes to say, for the studio webpage. this summer i completely redesigned the whole thing from scratch and i finally finished it yesterday! that's pretty exciting for me.

i love you all!

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