Tuesday, April 04, 2006

tiger "grr" remington, esq.

maggie and i are fortunate to have a ground floor room with a lovely tree right by the window that not only allows a little extra privacy, but also a few more friends! we have a little squirrel friend who comes by whenever i'm practicing with the window open. (i guess he has a thing for the euphonium?) we know it's the same one because he has something funny about his tail. he'll come right up to the window and stand up and look in at everything; not even flinching when i come up to him. then he jumps up on top of our ac unit (outside) and scrambles around for a bit. the other day shelby and i left pieces of bagel on the window sill for him, and he seemed to enjoy his little snack.

after a few days of his consistent appearance, we decided it was time to name him. through a long and convoluted series of word associations, he became dubbed, as you see in the title, tiger "grr" remington. mom dad abby and cara, y'all will see where the tiger comes from: remember the tiger tail we had when ollie was little? hahaha.

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Aus dem Tagebuch: said...

cool pics, i like to read about this and that, you are now on my austrian random blog list. you made it to the continent!
greetz floggo