Thursday, July 14, 2005

seattle pictures

pictures from our family's seattle vacation at the beginning of summer

the famous seattle market. this place was soo cool! there was so much going on, so many people, so many things to look at. my favorite part was definitely the flower booths - i wish i'd taken a picture of them, but there were thousands of fresh flower arrangments for like $5-15. (extremely inexpensive for what you were getting) the colors were mind-blowing. there'd be a ferociously pink bundle of daisies and a HUGE orange...i forget what they're called...flower and a giant white calla lily and some tiny little white daisies and just tons of flowers in all colors and sizes and types and they all looked soooo beautiful together. it was really cool. aside from flowers though, there were small restaurants, the famous fish throwers, all sorts of cooool things. i LOVED it.

the view of seattle from the space needle. i believe that's lake washington on the right. to the left (not in the picture) there were big hills, far away. that's where our friends were, where we were staying. they had an incredible view from the top of their mountian. the whole front of their house was glass and they had a nice porch where you could see everything. (if it wasn't cloudy)

the wandering accordionist in leavenworth, this quirky little town that heavily resembled an alpine bavarian village. it was hilarious. think helen, ga, but not nearly as cheesy or trashy. leavenworth was great!!

this was our campsite. well, more accurately, this was 50 yards and 1 sprained ankle away from our campsite - my sprained ankle, to be clear. it was completely beautiful and awesome and incredible, in all the literal denotations of the words and not the modern connotations. amazing!

...and there were some reeeally pretty wildflowers pictures i wanted to put up, but blogger is being stupid and i can't right now.

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