Saturday, July 09, 2005


i realize i don't have a widely read - if at all read - or even frequently-posted-to blog, but maybe i'll be lucky and someone in charge at google/picasa/blogger will see this.

i am so frustrated with picasa right now, far from my original love affair with it. first of all, the fact that none of the edits i make can be saved to the original file is infuriating. i realize the idea was to be non-destructive but there should at least be an option to save changes to the original file, instead of having to create two versions of every file - and take up twice as much space.

i decided that i was sick of seeing the thumbnails in my windows explorer window not match what the file really looked like in picasa, so i used my trial version of paint shop pro studio to edit and save the original file, thinking that would eliminate the need for two versions of every picture file. but when i did that and looked at the same files in picasa, they were rotated and cropped and not like i edited them in picasa or psp or even like the originals. and now i am going through the mind-numbingly tedious process of attempting to restore everything. ridiculous.

as soon as i get everything restored to its original state, i'm uninstalling picasa and using some other method to manage my photos. so if you're reading this, oh great big kahuna at google software design, take note: picasa needs a little work. like a "save changes to original file" button. that would do it.

and let me know when it happens.

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